G2One QuickCast Site Launched! Wednesday, July 30, 2008

G2One have launched the G2One QuickCast site. A G2One QuickCast is fast and furious little movie demonstrating something interesting about the Groovy language and/or the Grails framework.

The first movie available there demonstrates how powerful tools like Grails and Git can work together to support a really really agile development process. Watch this movie and try to do something like this with your web framework and your VCS. If you can't, your tools are not flexible enough. :)


G2One Groovy Grails Training In North America Monday, July 14, 2008

G2One have announced our Groovy/Grails North American public training schedule for the rest of the year. The schedule is available at http://www.g2one.com/training/.

Our training events are a fantastic experience. G2One are the folks who lead and sustain the development of both Groovy and Grails. No one understands the technology better than the people who build it. G2One training events give developers an opportunity to spend several days with a technology expert covering everything from fundamentals to advanced language and framework features. The sessions include a perfect mix of lecture and reinforcing lab work. That hands on approach is a great way for developers to internalize the details. There is no better way to quickly get a team up and running with the technology.