Naughty Or Nice? Saturday, December 25, 2004

Apparently, this guy sold his kids' Christmas presents on eBay because the kids were naughty. My wife and I sometimes joke about selling our boys on eBay when they misbehave (that is right, the boys... not their toys.). I never considered selling their stuff. ;)

As I type this post I am looking out over a sea of toys and schtuff all wrapped up and spread around our family room. In about 6 hours from now I expect a certain 7 year old boy to be jumping up and down on my bed yelling something about Santa Clause having been in our house. I better get to bed.

Happy Holidays To All!


Unknown said...

My mom also heard about that guy. Her comment was wise, as usual: "I wonder if he has been naughty or nice."

I suspect I know the answer.

Jeff Brown said...

I heard this morning that the Golden Palace online casino bought this guy's Nintendo game consoles and gave them to less fortunate kids. The father who sold them said that he will give the money to his church.

Apparently Golden Palace has purchased a number of unusual items from eBay including a grilled cheese sandwich that was said to have an image of The Virgin Mary on it.