Bad News For JDO Wednesday, January 19, 2005

I am very disappointed to see the results of the JSR 243 public review ballot. I believe this means that the Expert Group has 30 days to submit an updated draft for a revote. If a revised draft is not submitted in that timeframe or if the revote fails, the JSR will be closed. If anyone thinks that is not correct, please share what you understand about the process.

I knew that JSR 220 was eventually going to succeed JDO 2.0 but as I understand it, there won't be anything "real" coming from JSR 220 until 2006.

Given the vote count and some of the comments submitted by the voters, it doesn't to me look very likely that the draft will be revised in such a way to change voter's minds. I think that if the vote is going to turn around it would have to be in response to community feedback but I don't know how much of that there will be.

I really am disappointed in this whole thing. ;(

Someone say it ain't so...

Already I am seeing talk of org.jdo.* popping up.


Anonymous said...

This is total nonsense. Don't believe the irresponsible FUD from anti-EJB zealots. There will certainly be a well-cooked draft of the EJB 3.0 specification this year. This spec will be a document that has the support of *all* significant vendors in the marketplace.

Gavin King.

Jeff Brown said...

I can't tell if Gavin's comment here was an arrow flung at me or not so I will clarify my position.

I don't consider myself to be an anti-EJB zealot. As far as 220 and 243 go, I am not anti-anything really. I am certainly not anti-220. As I understood it, 243 was supposed to represent maintenance to JDO 1.0 as a bridge between today and whenever 220 was something with real support.

Personally I like a lot of what is in 243 and _was_ enthusiastic about seeing that happen. I am disappointed that this is now in question.