Grails Training In Chicago Monday, August 04, 2008

We are really excited to have a 3 day Groovy/Grails training event coming up in Chicago later this month. The training dates are August 26-28. The training will be held at the Hotel Indigo in Palatine.

This is 3 days of lecture and reinforcing lab work. Attendees should expect to write a lot of Groovy and Grails code with your training expert. There is no better way to quickly get your team up to speed on the technology, well beyond the basics.

As with all G2One training events, students will receive a free 12 month license to use IntelliJ IDEA. The IntelliJ guys have done a fantastic job of building first class Groovy and Grails support for the IDE.

For a full course outline and more information, please visit Any questions may be directed to


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