Bad News For JDO Wednesday, January 19, 2005

I am very disappointed to see the results of the JSR 243 public review ballot. I believe this means that the Expert Group has 30 days to submit an updated draft for a revote. If a revised draft is not submitted in that timeframe or if the revote fails, the JSR will be closed. If anyone thinks that is not correct, please share what you understand about the process.

I knew that JSR 220 was eventually going to succeed JDO 2.0 but as I understand it, there won't be anything "real" coming from JSR 220 until 2006.

Given the vote count and some of the comments submitted by the voters, it doesn't to me look very likely that the draft will be revised in such a way to change voter's minds. I think that if the vote is going to turn around it would have to be in response to community feedback but I don't know how much of that there will be.

I really am disappointed in this whole thing. ;(

Someone say it ain't so...

Already I am seeing talk of org.jdo.* popping up.

JarSpy Plugin For IntelliJ Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Tonight I was looking for the IntelliJ Plugin Wiki but I couldn't remember the url so I did the obvious; I put "intellij plugin" into google. To my surprise, the first link in the search results referred to my JarSpy Plugin For IntelliJ. I can't say that I had forgotten ever having written that, but I can say that I haven't had any reason to think about it for a long time. A couple of years ago I got an email from one of the billions of JarSpy fans out there and the email was asking me for a JarSpy plugin for IntelliJ. I was an IntelliJ user at the time (I still am) and I was interested in taking a look at their plugin API so I went at it. It didn't take long to write the plugin (although I do remember wishing there was better documentation for their API, maybe that has improved since then).

JarSpy has turned out to be one of those little things that continues to popup for me from time to time. Just a couple of weeks ago at my regular poker game one of my friends, who I had never had any reason to discuss JarSpy with, said something like "hey, I was using JarSpy today and...".

It has probably been more than a year since I made any code changes to JarSpy. I have some interesting ideas that I would like to add. Maybe I will get some time to play with that soon.