Is Sun Pimping The Java Name? Friday, April 29, 2005

Does the name "Java" really belong on these products?

Sun Java Desktop System

Sun Java Workstation W1100z

Sun Java Workstation W2100z


Dan Lewis said...

It's clearly a misnomer in the cases you provide.

However, I wouldn't ignore the possibility that Sun's marketing department isn't able to accurately define Java, and sees it simply as a trademark that can be used to create "buzz" around a product, regardless of technology content.

Anonymous said...

You're not too far wrong... a friend who works for Sun told me that they ditched pretty much all of their brand names a couple of years back (Jiro, Jini,Jxta etc.), at least as far as first line marketing was concerned, to concentrate on the three that people recognized most: Java, Solaris, and Sun itself.

So now they pretty much use 'Java' on anything they see as a developer platform (since of course they want everyone to develop in Java), and 'Solaris' on anything they see as a server-related technology.